What is Train PNR status?

PNR stands for Passenger Name Record. PNR is a database of passenger journey details or passenger records saved in IR-CRS (Indian Railways computer reservation system). The reserved train ticket is booked in Indian railway, the complete detail of passengers are saved in a respective centralized reservation system. The passenger details are integrated with 10 digit number. The ten digit PNR number and it is available on a ticket.
All of us know that train has only limited seats; due to this most of them can’t confirm ticket. For, few the booking status may be in waitlist it can change if anyone canceled the ticket. Such status is called as PNR Status. The IRCTC PNR Check is an online website to check the train ticket status.

Types of Waitlist Tickets and their confirmation priority:
As we discussed waitlist in above lines, the Indian railway has different types of waitlist quota when the ticket is not confirmed.

  • General Waiting List (GNWL): This Waiting list has a high priority to get the ticket confirmation.
  • Tatkal Waiting List: If you book your tickets under tatkal, you will get CKWL when the tickets are unreserved.

What are the ways to Check train PNR Status?
There are different ways available to clarify your PNR Status enquiry. The most important ways are following:

  • Checking current reservation status using SMS
  • Mobile applications
  • Using websites for PNR Status enquiry
  • Final reservation charts
  • Railway enquiry counters at railway station

Whenever you are travelling in train get the complete train information by using the above ways.