How To Transfer Money Using NEFT Transfer?

NEFT is called as National Electronic Funds Transfer which is an electronic money transactionorganisation, which easesall the dealings of cash to be transferred to another account in the bank to any of the country. This is very simple, more secure, quite safe, fastest as well as it isprice effective method to transfer all the payments specifically for Merchandising transfers. There is no any limit for the transaction by NEFT.
transfer money using neft
When you do the transactions by NEFT there are particular amount of taxes that has been deducted from the money you are transferring. When you transfer the money by NEFT in HDFC bank then you also have to provide HDFC bank IFSC code of the receiver too. NEFT is developed in groups at the times it is defined by the bank.

Features and benefits of NEFT:

Clients can forward any of the amount with the help of NEFT. Client planning to forward money by NEFT has to give the following details:

  1. They have to provide the IFSC of the receiver bank or the branch of bank.
  2. You have to give complete account number of the receiver.
  3. You also have to provide the receiver name.
  4. The facility is also available through online mode for all internet banking and mobile banking customers.

The NEFT is accessible in the bank to the receiver, who actually have an account in any of the other bank. In Bank of India NEFT is also accessible but have to provide Bank of India IFSC code while making the transactions. The transaction can take place by using the facility of Internet banking.

Steps to transfer money using NEFT:

Step 1: The first step in this process is activation. The ability for transaction of the payments of third-party by making use of Internet banking firstly has to be activated for doing such transactions by NEFT.

Step 2: You have to add the receiver. The individual to whom transaction has to done should be added as the receiver and the details of the bank account also has to be provided by you to whom you are making the transaction. The details include the name of receiver, the number of account, name of the bank and the branch too, and also the most important the IFSC code of the receiver bank. If you are doing the transaction by Bank of India then you have to mention the Bank of India IFSC code.

Step 3: Now, the third step is of processing. The bank entails 12-24 hours for confirming the information of the receiver. After all the details were confirmed, the new receiver will be activated and all the transactions can be done to the detailed account.

Step 4: Now, choose the kind of transaction firstthat is you want to use NEFT or RTGS, name of receiver, amount you want to transfer, and also mention the reason for making this transaction. When you submit the details and also the password of security transaction, the instruction for the transfer has been processed. The transfer by NEFT takes place in groups. The transaction has taken place and the money has been transferred to the receiver account.