Android Rooting and Its Positives over your Android Phones

Android Rooting:

Android rooting is nothing but the process of making your Smartphones to acquire its administrative privileges. In simple terms, before rooting your mobile phones it considers you as a guest users. So you can use it as like a Guest user in the Windows OS without having access to change any system applications.

Android Rooting and Its Positives over your Android Phones

Hence rooting your Android mobiles will allow you to change the system files and the root access over your smartphones. In addition to that rooting your Android phone has many advantages and here are the top in that list.

To get access to Root-only apps:

It is easy to root your mobile with free android root tutorials. Many Root-only apps like Tasker are available in the Android market and you can access it only by rooting your mobile phones. Tasker is an app to automate your mobile phones to do some specific tasks as the consequence for others that includes turn the mobile phones to silent mode at night, turn on mobile’s Wi-Fi automatically when you entered into the home and more.

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To Upgrade the OS versions by Yourself:

Android is continuously upgrading its OS so there is no use in sticking with the same version for many years. And it is also not a possible one to buy a new mobile for every Android update. Hence it is best to root android mobiles for upgrading it. Rooting allows you to upgrade the OS version of your mobiles by yourself.

To improve overall Speed:

Android rooting is capable of speed up the performance of your mobile phones by allowing you to install the performance increasing apps like SetCPU. You can install this app only by rooting your phone’s.