Mahabalipuram: A perfect place for Marriage Couple

Mahabalipuram one of the most popular historical places in south India which is famous for stone statues, Sea foods, rock carvings etc. Mahabalipuram is located in 60 km away from chennai in East Cost Road (ECR).


Best Holiday Destination:

There are around 328 million domestic visitors and 5 million foreign tourist are visiting Mahabalipuram in a year. More people like to visit mahabalipuram to see rock carving and shore temples. Being see view tourist place, there are many Beach Resorts in Mahabalipuram which are providing excellent accommodation service with tasty foods. It’s best place for weekend enjoyment to the people in chennai.

Tourist Spots Mahabalipuram:

There are almost 10-15 famous tourist spots mahabalipuram. It’s best holiday destination for marriage couple. All the places are located within 30 km surrounding so it will be convenient for tourist. It will takes around two days to visit all the tourist places in mahabalipuram.

  • Mahabalipuram Beach
  • Shore Temple,
  • Dakshinachitra,
  • Pancha Rathas,
  • Arjuna’s Penance,
  • Mamallapuram Lighthouse,
  • Krishna’s Butterball,
  • Tiger’s Cave,
  • Mahishamardini Cave,
  • Ganesh Ratha Temple,
  • Sculpture Museum,
  • Sri Sthala Sayanaperumal Temple,
  • Dharmaraja Cave,
  • crocodile Park,
  • Varaha Cave Temple.

Best Beach Resorts at Mahabalipuram:

Hotel Mamalla Heritage is the Best Beach Resorts at Mahabalipuram which are providing 24/7 room service,Restaurant, Banquet halls service and make the customers satisfied. Apart from all these basic services, hotel mamalla heritage offering different facilities for their customers. They are swimming pool, Conference Hall, valet parking, business center.

Greatest advantage of hotel mamalla heritage, It is located near to all the tourist destination and UNESCO heritage site.

Tips To Get Customers Through Classified Ads Website

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Tips To Get Customers Through Classified Ads Website

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Some things to Avoid for effective classified ads writing:

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