What To Do When You Are Not Out Partying On New Year’s Eve?

You must be one of those who are bored and out of friends at this point of time. Simply you are someone who is sick and beyond the point where he can help himself to stand up and walk your way to the party. Fret not! Because if you are not going out this New Year, then you can do all these things we are about to mention and feel good about yourself.

New Years Eve

Find the real you:

You must have a diary or two at your service. Go through them and ry to find out at which point you were happy, the most. This will make you feel good and absolutely happy. You might shed a tear or two but that does not mean that you will be left depressed. You will be satisfied and have a good sleep.

Watch the sex and the city movie- Or any movie:

The very first movie that came out, will have a scene where Carrie is left out in her apartment, stricken with pain and she would like to much rather sleep in her jammies and not move and party on the eve of New Year. Do the same… wear that good, old, comfortable pajama you have and eat readymade food, and enjoy the night by your own-self.

It’s not likely that you get a lot of ‘self’ time, because you have been working like an animal. And now that you have a day when your boss too will be too busy and drunk to call you up for the meeting, you can enjoy your day, the way you want.

Think of the positive side:

Okay, so we understand that there is nothing like partying. You are young, you want to dress up and go out in search of a good place where you can eat drink and be merry. But think about the next day. Think what will happen when you will wake up right beside a stranger and have blurred memories. Then you will have to stick yourself in, right into those clingy clothes and have a terrible head-ache.

Finally, walking that walk-of-shame you return home, and your neighbours are judging you with those beady eyes of theirs. That ain’t a pretty picture. But when you are home the previous night, you can be comfortably, tucked in, in your own bed and even if you are sweaty and your mascara, gods bless you if you are wearing them in your own house, runs, no one will be there to judge you.If you would like to get greeting cards and quotes for New Year wishes visit HappyNewYearBlog.

Eat a lot:

Try to indulge in all those chocolates, colas and those drinks or those greasy foods, which you have been avoiding. It will give you immense happiness. Try it and you will not regret. Walk out of that line, and it will be fun.


This is the day when you should go online and check all those shopping sites. People will be way too busy partying and having a ‘good’ time. But you will be among those intelligent few who will actually be having a good time, by spending all those hard earned cash you have been saving up. Retails therapy can heal anything. And believe me, when I say so.